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Traditional art commissions.
Solstice with an ice cream cone. by Breezeyheart
Solstice on a slip-n-slide by Breezeyheart
Custom traditional art pieces. Commissions will be drawn with pencil and paper, and colored in with colored pencils. But when I get a tablet, you can order traditional art that is more complex. Since I will be able to take pictures of the art, and then color it in on my tablet.

Varies any where from between 15 :points: and 80 :points: depending on the complexity of the character(s) and the background. It is cheaper if you are low on points, to list transparent in what background, part of my form. 

What I can do:
JBDs, dragons, cats, dogs, wolves, foxes, humans, pretty much any kind of animal, or sonic character, or anthro if you want.
Note: It will take longer to do your art, if you order anthro. Just because it will be harder for me to draw the shape of your character.  Since I'm not too experienced at drawing anthro style, I'm more used to drawing quad or four legged animals.  However this does not apply to humans, since I will only need a reference of a picture that shows the specific pose, that you want your human character to be drawn in.  
What I can't do:
Nothing as far as I know.

Form: (Please PM me this when completed if you would like a custom.)
I want a custom! ouo
Username: (If you have a chickensmoothie account, please list it's username along with your DA account name.)
Character name: (Simple, just list your character's name.)
Species: (Simple, list the species of your character, like human or cat.) 
Reference: (A picture of what your character looks like.)
Specific Pose: (A picture showing me what pose you would like your character to be drawn in. Please list: Up to you, if you can't think of one.)
Payment: (Simple, list what way that you'll be paying me. You can pay through Paypal, DA points, or if I like what you have to offer, a trade of an art custom/commission or characters. I might accept it as payment depending on what you have to offer.




Breezeyheart has started a donation pool!
0 / 3,000
This is for adopts, commissions, and donations.
This makes adopting and ordering commissions, easier for everyone. <3

Since I plan on making adopts with my own lines at some point in 2016. But some will be on free lines to help me out, if I have problems with using my Bamboo create pen and touch drawing tablet.

I know that it is an unrealistic amount, but please donate if you can. I have only just turned 17, and due to my limited weekly allowance of $10 dollars, I can't always buy more points. I need to save up my dollars for other things, like buying presents for my family & friends.

So if you can donate any amount of points, it would be much appropriated and I would try to give you something in return, like a free custom or some else that you might want in return.

Message me if you donate and would like something in return. Just tell me what you would like, the amount that you donated, and I will reply back as soon as I can. c:

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Hello, my fellow deviants and watchers! Thank you once again for watching me despite that I haven't posted anything new yet. Sorry about that! I have just been busy with things that happened to me in real life, ya know? Life can sometimes make you not be able to post anything even you wanted to, such as what happened to me as I will explain more below.

First off: The past two months, I was at Girl Scout Camp, the first week ended on my birthday and was a horse riding camp called: With a bit of Tack, which covered well how to properly tack up your horse with a western saddle and tack (bit, bridle and reins.) as well as how to properly ride and care for your horse.  I had to go to it before I could be able to go the camp that they afterwords which is Blazing Trails, where you go trail riding and barrel racing (My favorite activity to do with horses other then groom them! <3) The second week was called: Arrow Up, which covered archery and you mostly practiced archery! In fact, we did it every day you ride horses every day at the horse camps! I learned that I was better at archery then I even first thought. But on the day that before we went home, one of the blood vessels in my right eye burst and I had half way good (I shot in a circle around the the middle of the target) because I am right hand and right eye dominant. 

Secondly: I am going to a nose surgery on the 24th due an accident that happened on last year's Halloween weekend. I had to wait all summer due my ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) Doctor needed to take a break from doing surgeries before he could do mine, but I didn't mind as his field of work is hard (I can't see myself doing it owo) and I am positive that it was well deserved. 

But anyway to the point! I am mastering my Bamboo Create Tablet, I bought it last year in July (I might have posted about it, but I am not sure) so I will be posting quite few point adopts! If you want them, you can bid for them in the Facebook group, MLP: OC's Group. My name is Breezy Childs on Facebook, so any adopt posts by that user in that group will be from me. (I am trying to change it to Brionna as I got it when I was 12, the age you can be to get an account. But my mom made it for me, so I wouldn't get my identity stolen.)

They will be reasonably priced for auctions and I won't let anyone fight over characters, especially when I can always make more to be available for adoption. ouo Here are my prices listed below for both point adopts and PayPal, as I might use also some bases that will let me sell adopts using them for cash.
  • Fun with Wings by lunamoth19saysplz rvmp Wiggly text - Hello Please be nice when you comment about the prices Wiggly text - Thanks saysplz rvmp cap 
  •  Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! 
  •  Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! PRICES: :points:Rainbow Points 
  • Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U!   STARTING BIDS: Anywhere from 50  to 100+ (Depending on the design)
  •  Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! MINIMUM INCREASE BID: 50 - 100 (Depending on the design)
  • Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U!  MAXIMUM INCREASE BID: 200 - 400 (Only for the elaborate and intricate designs with lots of extras)
  •   Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! AUTO BIDS: 500 - 1000+ (Depending on the design, the more elaborate the higher in price aka some may even be 2000+ = $20 or more
  • Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! 
  •    Paw Bullet (Purple) - F2U! Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! 
  • Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! 
  •   Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! PRICES: New PayPal Icon (Small)PayPal bullet (for the adopts that have the bases allow this payment) 
  • Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U!   STARTING BIDS: $1 (Depending on the design)
  •  Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! MINIMUM INCREASE BID: $2 - $5 (Depending on the design)
  • Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U!  MAXIMUM INCREASE BID: $5  - $10 (Only for the elaborate and intricate designs with lots of extras)
  •   Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! AUTO BIDS:  $10 - $30+ (Depending on the design, the more elaborate the higher in price aka some may even be $30 or more
  • Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! 
  •  Paw Bullet (Purple) - F2U! Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U!
I will post the adopts on here first to get HD pictures then they will be sold on Facebook in the group, MLP: OC's group. Thank you in advance if you buy any of my adopts! Wiggly text - Thanks small heart - purple 

  • Listening to: My playlist of great music!
  • Reading: Randoms by (I will edit and put the author later)
  • Watching: Nothing, too busy with Feralheart and such.
  • Playing: Feral Heart and coloring adopts.
  • Eating: Nothing at the minute.
  • Drinking: Water.


Breezeyheart's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn. ~

I am a 18 year old inspiring artist and photographer and I draw almost very day. (Unless I have art block) I draw both traditional and digitally as I love drawing both of those ways. When I complete a drawing, I feel better, even if I was sad or angry. I take photos normally when one of my five cats, or my three toed box turtle is the right pose. I also enjoy reading, writing short stories, role-playing and playing PC and console games.

I have ADHD, Asperger syndrome, Bipolar disorder and Dyslexia. So I may have sudden mood swings or problems spelling when role-playing or chatting. I promise that I am literate, just that I struggle with my dyslexia, since I can know how to spell the word but my dyslexia scrambles it up in my head, so when I type the same word, it might come out misspelled.

My family has 10 cats, including my five cats. Their names are: (by order of oldest to youngest) Starbug (my cat who is 15 human years old, around 25 or so in cat years ), Lady Amalthea, Ivan, Kingston, Aristotle (but we call him Tottle, because he acts like a three old child or a toddler.) Pib, Charlie, Ginsu (like the Japanese knife brand), Delilah and Smoky. I practice my picture taking skills by taking pictures of them all.

I myself own five cats of these cats: Starbug, Aristotle/Tottle, Delilah and Smoky. I also own a pet three toed box turtle named April O' Neil (Like the reporter from the original Teenage Mutant Turtles movies. My dad named her, cause he caught her for me in the road near his work)

My favorites are: Warriors, Harry Potter(Gryffindor forever!), MLP:FIM, Steven universe, Star vs the forces of evil, Wander over yonder, Pokemon, Kill la kill, Inuyasha, Full metal alchemist, Bleach, Naruto, One piece, Code lyoko, Wakfu, The walking dead, Grimm, & Supernatural. (I will edit this as I remember more favorite TV shows and books)

I also have an account on Feralheart: Breezeyheart.
An account on Dawn of Eternity: Breezeyheart.
An account on Dragon's Den: Breezeyheart.
An account on Cereal Soup: Breezeyheart.
An account on Twitch (though I haven't posted any live feeds yet): Stargazerthewolf.
An account on chicken smoothie: Breezeyheart.
An account on Skype: Breezeyheart
And an account on Steam (rarely used as I am mostly on the other sites): Stargazerthewolf.

Some warnings.:XD:
WARNING: Is a huge fan girl of MLP: FiM and Twilight, and will yell random things at times, like "Magic Bananas!!!" or "It's going to be SO AWESOME!!!" or "Party!!!" or "FOREVER!!!" :XD:

WARNING: I can get my period once every month, and I am very moody when having my period and when not having my period.:XD:

WARNING: I am a teenager, so I can be easily angered at times. But not all of the time, just you say something hurtful or mean. :XD:

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